What kind of vehicle donation do you accept?

We accept any vehicle, running or not (cars, vans, trucks, motorcyles, boats, and the like).

The vehicle I’d like to donate is not running. Will you still accept it?

We do not care whether the car is running or not as long as it still has salvage value as scrap. If it is not running, it will be appraised based on salvage or scrap value. Please call us at (718) 676-0670 or fill up the Online Form if you have further questions. We will reply to you right away!

Do you accept vehicles with mechanical problems?

Yes, as long as they have scrap or salvage value.

My car did not pass the emission test. Can I still donate it?

We will be happy to accept cars that fail the emission test. If you donate such cars, you will keep the environment free from harmful emission. Such cars will be reconditioned if possible. Otherwise, they will be re-cycled for parts or steel. Both actions promote cleaner and better environment.

Will you pick up my car donation?

Yes and quicker than you think! We pick up car donation as soon as we receive the offer usually in one hour.

Do I need to be at home when you pick up my car donation?

You do not need to be at home, but for your own security, you may entrust it to another person. Simply clean the vehicle of any personal belongings and leave the cars keys and title to him together with a letter of authorization. He must have an ID too.

What if I don’t have the title of my vehicle?

You may present proof of ownership other than the title. Please call us for other acceptable proof of ownership.

Will there be any expenses involved on my part such as towing charges?

Absolutely not! Towing is free of charge!

How long will it take until my vehicle is picked up?

We tow vehicles usually within one hour from receiving your offer. Our towing is available 24/7!

Do you pick up car donations throughout New York?

Our operations cover all New York burroughs, Long Island, Yonkers and most of Westchester, as well as all of New Jersey.

Do we get cash benefits in exchange for donating our vehicle?

Yes. We will pay you $150 or more on the spot when we pick up your vehicle.

Do we get tax benefits if we donate our vehicle to YFS?

Yes. We can give you a tax exemption receipt of up to $500 depending on the value of your vehicle. Yakov Family Services is a classified 501(c)(3) charity organization, so you are guaranteed to receive a tax benefit when you donate a vehicle to us.